The kitchen

The kitchen

Hotel in Rimini for Family and Children with local cuisine and typical dishes for children and beach meal

Together with Davide, our chef since 1999, we have created a menu that we hope will satisfy your palate; we are certainly not at the level of a great restaurant but we instill commitment, care and mastery in the preparation in every single macaroni or fillet of fish that we bake ... WE TRY !!!

Every day, starting from breakfast, you will find many homemade dishes: from cakes in the morning to vegetable and appetizer buffets for lunch and dinner, from the first to the second: we use lots of fresh products to offer you quality dishes.

For lunch and dinner you will always find fish, if you are lovers, cooked in many different ways: baked, fried, pasta with pasta ... But also many alternatives of the tradition of our land such as tagliatelle, passatelli, lasagna, tagliolini, meat cooked in many different ways, piada.

I would say HER MAJESTY the Piada; in addition to finding it in the buffet and in our weekly menu, we plan a typical dinner on Tuesday evenings with products at km 0, such as the squacquerone of San Mauro Pascoli, and a leg of baked pork that cooks for a night whole and looks rich in flavor for dinner.

Finally, but not least, the youngest: the City Hotel also thinks of those who are still so young that they can not eat macaroni and roasts: tasteless vegetable soup, vegetable soups and other "delicacies" are always available for our baby guests; for the older ones instead pasta with tomato sauce, a cutlet, a plate of cold cuts or the like are always present as off-menu.

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