Hotel Rimini All Inclusive

Hotel Rimini All Inclusive

Hotel Rimini all inclusive 3 star hotel with all inclusive offers

Hello to all.
I am Massimo and I do this job that was taught to me by my father who in turn took over the reins of the hotel from my grandfather who began in the 30s of the past century.

Almost 90 years committed, as a family, to spend holidays to those who come to Rimini or came, to find a little escape from everyday life.

That’s why I like to talk about emotions and not just "holidays". I believe that a holiday, whether it lasts 1 month or only 1 night, must leave a mark, must convey a message, must stir emotions...

In the studies that led me to manage this activity, I read a sentence that has always impressed me a lot: the main reason why a person goes on vacation is to be or do something different from what he is or does in everyday life.

That’s why for me the customer is something more than just a passing person in my hotel; a customer, for what is my way of living the work, is someone unique who has a unique need and that I must try to satisfy.

Of course I am good (and modest) but alone I can not succeed in all this! And that’s how over time I found several people to help me on this journey.

But let’s go in order.

Our work is seasonal and therefore very subject to the change of personnel and if we add that for me a collaborator must also marry what is my mission, here’s how some people change within my staff.

Let’s start from the certainty, from those who taught me and who can still advise me very well on many occasions: my father Sandro. You will often find him here with me, many mornings and many evenings... There is my mom waiting for him at home but when you were born physically (and I’m not kidding, my dad was born inside the old family hotel) you have it under your skin, it’s part of you... so much admiration!

The first person you will probably see when you enter the hotel is Sarah. For over 10 years she has never denied a customer a smile... NEVER! Not even when I make her angry!!! And then, if you ask her something I can guarantee that she will do everything to please you (but don’t overdo it, though!).

Then you don’t see him much and maybe you know him too little in person, but upstairs, since Sarah’s double years, I can count on Davide’s great culinary skills. As he says inside the City there is also a piece of him, and I can guarantee you that to work with over 40 degrees in the kitchen and keep the desire to meet all the requests of customers (and my "weird ideas") you have to be real champions!

Here, this is the skeleton of the hotel, the backbone that allows me to meet your requests, the people on whom to rely and that are responsible for creating unique emotions for you

But I have many other collaborators:
Paolo, Lacri, Lucian and Lisi: I hardly take to work brothers or husband and wife but with them the exception has been amply deserved... They will never disappoint you and they too have courtesy flowing through their veins...

And then many other people in all departments, who have the desire to make you spend a good stay, that have the fire that burns inside for this is not only hotel work, but a real passion to make you spend beautiful moments unforgettable.

We are all responsible, together, for the success of your holiday and sincerely they are much more than me... After all, I’m just Primo’s nephew, my grandfather, who in 1934 decided to try to welcome in his house those who came to Rimini.

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